Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Start of a personal project I'm going to work on

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Wilson talks about creating data and shows us pretty info graphics about what is happening within structures and buildings. Do we really need to see how the wind flows through a city if the building is a foot shorter? Is that foot going to save our planet? In my opinion it isn’t because in order to build this short city you have to give out emissions greater than that of heat saved due to wind to just build it. Quite simply a waste of time gathering what I think is useless data.
It’s a great idea to use interactive systems to produce images of a building to navigate around and to save money on the build before hand, although surely just being a good architect would save you a lot of time. (Wilson may benefit from doing more actual work than inputting numbers into a spreadsheet, we don’t have all day Duncan.) Maybe they should work harder on improving old buildings rather than creating more mess by replacing them and use their fancy tech on the new buildings that need to be built.

This leads me into Donald’s talk about how the present ‘isn’t good enough’ that we’re constantly striving for new and creative style buildings and for new communities he’s saying F*CK THE WORLD build a better one.
I personally think you can take both ideas and combine several points. Use the idea of data and creativity to build a more sustainable structure that won’t have to be replaced in 10 years think creatively but also think practically.

They were both quite confusing, contradictive and could have almost been about the same thing, maybe it was all the fancy diagrams that leads your mind into thinking this is all just about building a nice building…something about environment…but that’s irrelevant… and you end up just thinking ‘oh its just architecture, on one hand you couldn’t give a sh*t about the world on the other you probably still wont so long as it looks good’ Did I fall asleep in the first one and wake up in the second thinking it was still the first? The much needed coffee break (didn’t even get a coffee because the line was too long) reminded me that I had not in fact fallen asleep.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Dreaming is to Neal Lawson as laughter is to Martin Rowson. The concept of a world made from the start of a dream is what we would hope happens but we rarely get, the change comes from years of work and struggle to accomplish what is to the public a millimeter of progress, but it is still good to dream for the future and we better keep dreaming to stay out of the reality.

I found it interesting that Rawson talks about how it was the right wing who where the first to use their imagination and ‘dreamed a dream in time gone by’ when Rawson sees himself as a left wing radical. However he sees the potential that the conservatives had and takes away the use of dreaming to create a better future whether you get a better future is yet to be discovered left or right.
Say you created a better future for yourself and became rich and lived ‘the dream’ would you become right wing to conserve your wealth and obtain the rights to what you have worked hard for and deserve? I’m not saying that all the rich should roll around in their cash and let the poor roll around in their own feces but maybe if you became wealthy you might also become a righty.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Aditya Chakrabortty – Economics

Everyone is aware of the economical crisis but often people like us (designers) feel its not relevant to our line of practice however we should be starting to think of ways to use our knowledge and education to design new creative systems to push our economy forward and bring back more manufactured goods in the UK to then draw in more jobs and trade skills.

There is also the argument of necessity and how people have grown greedy for products that we love to have but don’t need to live. Designing solutions can be pushed to the extent of the ‘Ipad’ and yes it is great, but we don’t need it, we didn’t make it in the UK and it definitely isn’t manufactured up in Tyne and Wear.
There is no ‘quick fix’ to these problems but learning more about our economical status in the world can help us as designers to be more creative with problem solving, which of course is what we’re all supposed to be doing right?

Martin Rawson – Satire

Martin Rawson talks about laughter being essential to our lives. I think it’s interesting to use humour as a tool to make light of what is in effect a serious situation of our government ruining our own country and take away that element to see the other aspect, otherwise we would all be having mid-life breakdowns by the age of twelve and the NHS wouldn’t have anyone left to not take care of.

There is some aspect of control Vs limit to what Rawson does he must push his limits in order to gain reaction but also control his work so it doesn’t become more like bulling than petty mocking. Some may take offense but I’m sure the politicians are too busy enjoying the print time to notice. So in reality if it offends you then surely that is rendered meaningless, as its not you he is picking apart and turning into Pinocchio.